A dental infection/abscess is another cause of dental emergency. A dental infection/abscess is one that originates from the tissues in the mouth which include teeth, gums, lips and tongue. The most common source of infection in the mouth are our teeth and gums.

  • Teeth can cause a dental abscess/infection if the dental nerve tissue has been infected through dental decay or due to trauma to the tooth.
  • A dental abscess can be very painful as the infection can cause an increase in pressure within the tooth and surrounding tissues.
  • Same day emergency treatment to address the infection should be performed to relieve the pressure and thus the pain.
  • Reduction of the infection can be performed through tooth extraction or the removal of the infected nerve tissue within the tooth (root canal treatment)
  • Once this is complete, the dental emergency generally resolves.
  • Our gums can also cause an abscess/infection to form in our mouth. Periodontal disease or gums disease is the most common cause of an abscess originating from our gums.
  • Similar to a tooth borne dental abscess, a gum abscess can be very painful as the infection builds up pressure within our gums.
  • Reduction of the infection within the gums should be performed under a same day emergency appointment.
  • Reduction of the infection is achieved by cleaning and debridement of the gums and root surfaces of the teeth.