Oral health examination

Importantly for preventative dental care, 6 monthly dental examinations are recommended to ensure your oral health is optimal. By coming in regularly, potential issues may be detected early. Routine radiographs are generally required every few years to check areas that are difficult to visualise between the teeth and under fillings. Prevention is better than cure; by addressing issues early we can avoid dealing with bigger concerns later.

Fissure Sealants

Teeth with deep fissures tend to collect more stains and potentially bacteria as these areas are impossible to clean. Sealants can be placed on these grooves so they are easier to clean and less retentive, thereby protecting them from becoming areas of tooth decay. Generally no anaesthesia is required.

Night splints

Otherwise known as night guards are recommended for the protection of your teeth during grinding or clenching which cause excessive forces to teeth and can lead to their fracture. Wearing them also prevents your muscles from contracting to the same degree and thereby offers relief of associated symptoms including muscle soreness, headaches.

Periodontal (gum) maintenance

Healthy gums form the foundation of your teeth. When plaque containing bacteria has not been removed by regular and proper toothbrushing and flossing, the gums become inflamed and irritated. You may become aware of this from bleeding around your gums or your gums appearing swollen. If left too long the plaque has a chance to calcify and can no longer be removed just by brushing, only a professional scale and clean can remove these deposits.

When the build up harbouring bacteria isn’t removed regularly, the inflammation can spread to affect the supporting bone. This is known as gum or periodontal disease which results in a the loss of bone supporting teeth without which the teeth become prone to drifting and may become mobile or even fall out on their own. Other symptoms include bad breath, receding gums, sensitive teeth, bleeding on brushing.

A scale and clean is recommended every 6 months.

Custom fitted mouthguards

Tooth protection during some sports is vital to prevent damage and potential loss of teeth, which can result in long and expensive treatment. We fabricate double laminate mouthguards specially fit to your mouth so they are comfortable and stay in your mouth during sport. We recommend mouthguards for contact sports such as football, rugby, martial arts, and boxing, as well as collision sports where impact is highly possible such as basketball and hockey. They should be worn in training and in competition. Mouthguards need to be replaced when worn through, outgrown, or when they fall out on their own.

Paediatric services

Your child should be brought in for their first dental exam when their first tooth appears or when they reach 12 months, whichever occurs first. This gives us the opportunity to check their gums and teeth, and to discuss brushing techniques, nutrition, decay risk, and trauma prevention. We understand that as with all new experiences at that age, there can be a level of anxiety associated with the visit. We enjoy seeing kids and are here to provide a positive experience for your children so they are comfortable with seeing us. We aim to provide an unintimidating environment to ease your child into their first dental visit.