In situations where teeth are missing or if they have had to be extracted due to extensive damage, a few replacement options may be considered. Tooth replacement minimises the chance of the adjacent teeth tilting unfavourably, or the opposing teeth from supra-erupting.


The teeth on either side of a gap are crowned, with one or more teeth suspended in between to fill the gap. This is a good option when the teeth on either side of the gap would benefit from being capped with a crown.

Implant restoration

Missing teeth can be restored with a fixed implant which is screwed into the jaw bone. The screw can then be used to replace a single tooth with a crown to replicate a natural tooth. Multiple implants can be placed to replace multiple teeth or to support a full denture when no teeth are present.

Removable dentures

Also referred to as a “plate”- they are a great way to replace one or more teeth at once.

    • Acrylic/ “plastic”dentures

– Acrylic dentures sit against the tissues in your mouth and may hold on to remaining teeth using wire clasps. They are an effective medium term solution especially when more teeth need to be added to the denture in the near future

    • Cobalt chrome/metal-based dentures

– Metal framework dentures clip in place around the existing teeth and therefore feel more secure. The clasps are made of cobalt chrome and cast as a single unit which provides strength and makes them less likely to deform through extensive use