Implants: Restoring Your Smile’s Strength and Beauty

At Manchester Rd Dental Surgery, we understand the profound impact that a missing tooth can have on your confidence and oral health. Dental implants are a remarkable solution that can restore your smile’s strength, function, and aesthetics.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are cutting-edge, biocompatible titanium posts that serve as artificial tooth roots. These posts are surgically placed into the jawbone, where they fuse with the bone over time. Once integrated, they provide a sturdy foundation for a replacement tooth or teeth.

When Might You Need an Implant?

Dental implants are an excellent choice for individuals who:
  • Have one or more missing teeth
  • Seek a long-term, permanent solution
  • Desire a restoration that looks and feels natural
  • Wish to regain full chewing ability
  • Want to prevent bone loss in the jaw
  • Aim to enhance their overall oral health

Why Choose Us for Implants?

Choosing Manchester Rd Dental Surgery for your dental implants means selecting a team dedicated to your well-being. Our experienced professionals take a comprehensive approach to ensure the success of your implant procedure. Here’s what you can expect:

The Implant Process:

  • 1. Consultation and Suitability Assessment: We begin with a detailed consultation, where we assess your oral health and discuss your goals. We determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for implants.
  • 2. Site Assessment: For successful implant placement, we assess critical factors like bone quality and volume, as well as the quality of your soft tissues. This thorough evaluation ensures the best possible outcome.
  • 3. Placement: Once suitability is confirmed, our skilled implant dentist will use 3D imaging to digitally map out locations for implant placement, ensuring they are placed in areas of ideal bone quality and volume whilst avoiding necessary anatomical structures. We will then fabricate a guide to ensure precise placement of the implant into the jawbone. This step is conducted with precision and care.
  • 4. Healing: The implant needs time to integrate with the jawbone, a process known as osseointegration. During this healing phase, we monitor your progress to ensure optimal recovery.
  • 5. Restoring Your Smile: After the implant has fully integrated, we move on to the final step – restoring your smile. This involves attaching a custom-crafted crown, bridge, or denture to the implant, resulting in a beautiful, functional, and long-lasting replacement tooth.
At Manchester Rd Dental Surgery, we’re committed to delivering quality implant solutions that transform smiles and lives. Regain your confidence and enjoy the full functionality of your smile with our expert implant services.